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Upcoming Dividends for ASX Shares

The dividend data on this website is updated between 4:10pm and 4:30pm AEST each ASX trading day.  This means that from just after the ASX closes we present data for the following trading day.

The default view (in the table below) presents information for dividends payable by all ordinary shares traded on the Australian Stock Exchange.  Historical dividend data is provided for the trailing 12 months from the current date and future dividends appear when a company announces the dividend.

Explanation of Table Columns

FieldDetailed Description
Ex Date If you purchase a stock on its ex-dividend date or after, you will not receive the next dividend payment.
CodeASX Code for the security.
DescriptionName of the security.
StatusShows where the security currently is within the dividend paying process.
% DividendDividend amount as a percentage of the previous trading days closing price.  Only available for upcoming dividends.
% FrankingPercentage of the dividend that has tax paid at the corporate tax rate.
Type of SecurityType of security. Ordinary Shares as the most commonly understood type of security.
DividendDividend amount in Australian Dollars.
PricePrevious trading days closing price of the security.
Trailing YieldAmount paid by dividends in the prior 12 months, not including the current dividend, using the previous days closing price.
PaymentThe date the dividend is paid.